What we really like about Gary is his welcoming office, great coffee and his honest and caring approach to our financial situation. We trust him implicitly with our finances and he is very patient with our concerns and questions. He keeps us abreast of our present and future estate goals. There is ongoing communication and we like the fact we can relax and allow Gary to do the worrying! Thank you Gary
Brian and Gail
My husband and I have been clients of Gary for 6 years. Over the previous 15 years, we tried various agencies and advisors and had never received the service like we do now. Gary is pro active, notifies us when it is time for reviews or when he thinks we might be concerned about market trends. We consider ourselves fortunate to have found his services - he goes above and beyond what
Frank and Joy Sniderhan
I was about to turn 50 and had the option to commute my OMER’s pension plan. I met with Gary, as well as two other advisors from major investment firms. Gary was the only advisor to determine my risk tolerance, as well as inquire about my retirement goals and the type of investments I would be comfortable with. In addition, he listed the pros and cons of commuting my pension versus leaving it in the plan. I was able to make an informed decision and have invested my retirement plan with Gary.
Bob Male
Alana reviewed my family health care insurance and recommended changes which saved me well over 50% in premiums and provided the coverage that was more inline with my family's needs. If you are looking for an insurance agent that works for you to help you find the right insurance for your needs then Alana is the right person for you!!

I highly recommend Alana for going above and beyond what I thought an insurance agent would do. Thank you Alana!"
Service Category: Insurance Agent
Year first hired: 2010
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
While Alana was relaxing on my massage table, the topic of health benefits came along. She stated that she was in the middle of switching health insurance companies for herself as she was dissatisfied with her current one. By Chance, the insurance company she was trying to get away from happened to be the same one that I was dealing with! Because my insurance was private and the cost per month was high for only covering me, I thought I would shop around, even get my fiancée on my coverage. An email from Alana the next day brought FANTASTIC news! Not only did she find a good price on private insurance for both my fiancée and I, but for the same price I'm currently paying for just me! I nearly fell off my chair. Next, I had her look at my disability insurance, to make sure it will cover me the way the agent who sold it to me said it would. Alana quickly read through my policy and found out that the representative from the insurance company had sold me long term insurance! Not the same apples! If I were to get hurt, I would have to not be able to perform 2 out of the 6 tasks they noted (example: can't bathe, go to the toilet... you catch my drift.) Now she is working on getting me life insurance. I am confident to get the best insurance in a timely manner. Alana is super friendly, attentive to detail and is always available for any question thrown at her. It is a pleasure to call her my Insurance Broker and I highly recommend anyone to use her services! Thank you Alana for all your great enthusiasm!
As the Senior Finance Manager of a rapidly growing private company, I don’t have much time to oversee my own investments. I wanted to know where I stood financially. A thorough review by Gary helped me diversify my investments and do some estate planning, as well as integrating my company benefits with personal life insurance and critical illness.
Dave Allen
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