Long Term Care

Long Term Care

If you’ve ever cared for a loved one and tried to place them in long term care you will have found that the system is cumbersome, has limited access and can be expensive depending on the type of accommodations that you want.
Our population is aging and the demands on our health care system and secondary care facilities will only get more taxing. Many of us will eventually need long term care whether it is professional care at home or in a nursing home.


Conditions requiring long term care include stroke, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis. Or simply the aging process can take away the ability to perform the regular activities of daily living.


Long term care is more than health coverage – it is also part of a financial strategy.

Without proper planning, almost all of your assets could go to home care and nursing costs. Paying for long term care with retirement savings presents two problems: you may outlive your savings and you can drastically reduce the value of your estate. Long term care coverage provides you with tax-free benefits that can be used for either home care or a nursing home.


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